Home Garden Prepare your garden beds – Spring

Prepare your garden beds – Spring

Prepare your garden beds – Spring

Preparation of where you are going to plant your veggies for the upcoming season is pretty crucial. It will give your plants, during their time in the ground, the best chance of growing healthily and accessing as much nutrients as they can.

I’m a fan of gardening with as little intervention as possible. Only if the soil is very compact/hard would I dig compost and/or well rotted manure through it. This is to not disturb all the life in your soil to much. Otherwise add the following layers on top of the areas you are going to grow.

  • a few cm of compost that has broken down(doesn’t smell like something is rotting)
  • a sprinkle of worm castings(if you have a worm farm)
  • three to five cm of mulch – hay, pea straw, lucerne

Once added to your garden give this a light water.

Over the next few months the mulch will be disturbed by the birds eating the worms and other insects. The hay should last all summer and you can top up the nutrients by adding diluted worm wee every month.


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