The weather had been on my mind for a few days – if it rains who will enjoy the picnic? Where will we go? Even though we had an undercover option, I wasn’t convinced when it began to rain at 10am. I took a step outside and felt the chill of the wind. This wasn’t the ideal combination for launching Fooderculture, so plan C was bring everyone over to my house. Maybe I was always wishing to host everyone at my place. The comfort of my fridge, pantry and spice rack made me feel prepared for any situation. Note, this comfort would never trump a day on a blanket, on grass, with friends, with food and playing activities in the sun.

Though my kitchen and lounge was somewhat tighter than Footscray Botanical Gardens everything I hoped for the launch came true. Incredible, considered food was brought to share. People chatted about everything from the future of clothing and the problem of making anything new in the current social political climate all the way through to swimming – and of course food. ‘How did you make that?’ ‘I’ve never smelt that before.’ ‘What’s this delightful ingredient?’ were some of the mouth half full conversation starters I over heard. From all of this, new connections were made, information was shared, bellies were full and people were smiling.

Fooderculture is now live. We have an online space for sharing what we get up to. Keep an eye out for some events over the next few months; dinners, workshops and food experiences will be the features.

We aren’t setting KPI’s or writing financial plans, we’re focusing on building a project that engages a community around food. We’re open to and excited about how Fooderculture evolves and the community that grows around it.

Lastly, thank you for bringing incredible food and great energy. It was a truly special way to begin Fooderculture.

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