There are two alternatives for planting tomatoes, rather than digging a small whole and planting them how you would plant most plants. Here they are, both with the same principal, encouraging more root growth, in turn giving the plant a greater start.

Alternative #1 – Lay them down

Rather than planting the tomato upright(perpendicular to the ground) lay the root base and stem parallel with the ground in a small hole. Cover with soil leaving the top of the plant poking out. Ideally you don’t want the leaves touching the ground or even burying the leaves so trim any excess leaves that you would other wise bury.

Alternative #2 – Plant them deeper

Same concept as the first but planting the tomato plant a whole lot deeper.

I do feel the way i’ve been planting tomatoes has worked out fine all these years but being open to experimenting and other ways is always a good idea.

Have you had success with either of these? What is your preferred way?


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